ArcelorMittal Construction’s composite flooring continues to lead the way
02.11.2021 -

We’re renowned for helping our customers meet their project needs by providing reliable, pioneering solutions that meet, and exceed, expectations. 

These innovative construction solutions combined with our industry-leading manufacturing, innovation and local expertise enable us to deliver exceptional results.

As part of this, we’re constantly reviewing and refining our products, from our roof, wall and façade and floor, to our cold store and organic coating solutions. And in doing so, we’re continuously redefining the boundaries of smarter construction design.

Lightweight, cost effective and less resource-intensive

For our customers, this means they have access to the very best construction design and build innovations when they need them.

Take our range of composite floors, for instance, they’re a lightweight alternative to any other concrete solution. Not only does this make them quicker and easier to install, transport and store, they’re more cost effective because less substantial supporting structures are required. Plus, less equipment is needed to move and position our systems.

Made to work with multiple materials and made to last

Meanwhile, all of the solutions within our composite flooring range can be installed with all types of structures, such as steel, concrete, wood beams and masonry walls.  They all come galvanised with our metallic coating, ZMevolution® as standard to increase durability, and can be pre-painted with our own brand of organic coatings to enhance aesthetics and protect against corrosion.

Solutions for every type of project

Our flooring range currently comprises several cutting-edge composite flooring systems that have been specifically developed and refined in response to 21st century construction requirements.

As a result, they can be used for the widest range of projects, including commercial and office buildings, high-rise buildings, renovation work and educational, car parks, sports facilities, and more.

All of our floor systems are economical, sustainable and highly flexible. They also come supported with the free ArcelorMittal Construction Cofra 5 software which allows customers to create their own designs for specific projects and a comprehensive range of accessories to suit virtually any application. The end result: fit for purpose solutions that help you achieve the best end result.

Architect: JAP / Photographie: ©11H45 - JAP

Our composite flooring solutions – at a glance:

All of our products are designed to enhance projects, overcome structural constraints within all types of buildings, and ultimately, enhance everyday living.

These systems are as pioneering as they are unique, and they are all underpinned by decades of advanced manufacturing, innovation and local expertise.


1. Cofradal®

This truly innovative lightweight composite floor system is suitable for all types of construction, from commercial buildings to new build multi-story housing and renovation. Using our Slim-Floor solution, Cofradal® allows users to optimise the height and weight of the slab and in turn the building itself. It can be specified in perforated form to provide additional acoustic absorption properties and, when finished with one of ArcelorMittal Construction’s organic coatings, it provides an attractive soffit solution.

Key features include: Available in two different heights (200mm or 260mm), can reach spans of up to 8 metres, incorporates fire resistance up to REI120.

2. Cofraplus® 220

This additive floor combines the high strength of patented deep-rolled steel floor decking with that of the reinforced concrete slab. Quick and easy to install, in this combination, Cofraplus® 220 provides an optimised design for long span applications such as car parks or commercial buildings. Cofraplus® 220 also facilitates mixed material design as it is compatible with steel, concrete or timber-framed structures.

Key features include: Can be used for up to 6 metre spans without propping and up to 9 metres with propping during concreting. A range of support accessories makes it easy to optimise the height of the slab and beam as required and ArcelorMittal Construction’s organic coatings offer a wide choice of colours.


3.  Cofraplus 60

Up to 30% lighter than traditional concrete slabs and easily stacked for efficient transportation and storage, Cofraplus 60 composite slabs are a mainstream solution designed for medium load/span floors. They are ideal for all kinds of projects including refurbishments.

Key features include: Provides guaranteed full adhesion between concrete and steel, corrosion-resistant coatings and comes in standard 1035mm and slimline 828mm widths to maximise the efficient use of materials on every installation.


4. New Cofraplus® 80

Using an 80mm high trapezoidal steel section along a lower volume of poured concrete, Cofraplus® 80 is a complete solution which offers a lightweight alternative to prefabricated concrete floor slabs. It outperforms traditional precast slabs for spans of up to 4.5m without props and 6.5m with props in an easier to transport, easier to install and more sustainable package.

Key features include: An estimated 25% reduction in overall slab weight can be achieved. It meets the requirements of modern, modular construction and is flexible enough to be adapted to specific project requirements and detailed designs.


5. Cofrastra® 40

Featuring a re-entrant section, this metal floor decking protected with our ZMevolution® metallic coating is suitable for slim and lightweight floor construction. With a classical pitch of 150mm, it’s the lowest composite floor decking around, yet offers optimum adhesion between profile and concrete which enables it to support heavy loads.

Key features include: Spans up to 2.70 metres without props and 4.50 metres with props. It is 10% lighter than traditional prefabricated concrete slabs of the same height (as little as 200kg/m2). It can be pre-punched for use with composite beams and offers a range of accessories which allow for suspended soffits.


6. Cofrastra® 70

With its re-entrant cross section geometry and several types of embossing, this composite floor decking provides outstanding composite action between steel profiles and reinforced concrete slabs. This makes it suitable for use in industrial buildings where heavy loads are required.

Key features include: Spans up to 6m with props and 4 metres without props and is 20% lighter than traditional prefabricated concrete slab flooring. Up to 1mm thick, the profile allows for soffits to be suspended without any need for drilling.


7. Cofrastra® 56

A traditional 600mm wide profile with a pitch of just 150mm, Cofrastra® 56 can be used for all kinds of general and industrial applications. An optimised composite action makes it suitable for heavy loads, with options for pre-punched soffits and organic coatings for maximum versatility.

Key features include: Available in five different steel thicknesses depending on the performance required and able to span up to 4m without props.


8. Cofraplus® 45

Cofraplus® 45 is a multi-use profile suitable for all types of construction. This slim profile optimises the height of the slab, providing a significant advantage for residential projects. Used with a white coloured organic coating, it brings some additional light and provides an attractive soffit solution.

Key features include: Available in 0.80mm steel thickness, it offers good fire-rated performances and can reach spans up to 2m50 without props.

For more information about our industry-leading composite flooring solutions or to discuss your flooring requirements with us, contact us here.