31.08.2020 - Product

ArcelorMittal Construction has put the environment at the heart of its product development programme with the launch of a new generation of high-performance building envelope systems called iQ+ System. 

The new Ondatherm iQ+, Promisol iQ+ and Frigotherm iQ+ insulated panels offer enhanced thermal performance and optimal airtightness to reduce the energy consumption of buildings, and also feature a new foam formulation and more sustainable metallic coating which limits their overall environmental footprint.

Each of the new panels boasts lambda values of just 0.018 W/m.K making them an ideal choice for projects where thermal efficiency is a primary consideration. They also feature a jointing system and clever air leakage seal which optimises airtightness and have the potential to increase a building’s energy efficiency by as much as 25% compared with other construction solutions.

As a result of ArcelorMittal Construction’s new, more thermally efficient iQ+ System foam formula, the panels have been reduced in thickness by 15% without any impact on their performance. That means that, for every 2000m2 of panels produced at 120mm rather than 140mm, 1.6tonnes less foam and 50kg less in steel accessories and fittings is required. ArcelorMittal Construction estimates that this, combined with the obvious bonus of reduced transport costs, translates into an impressive 4000kg reduction in the amount of CO2 generated by each 2,000m² of panels delivered. 

In addition, by switching to its proven ZMevolution® process for the galvanised steel coating of the panels, ArcelorMittal Construction has reduced the amount of CO2 generated per kg of steel being galvanised by a massive 46%.

ZMevolution® uses a hot dip galvanisation process composed of zinc, aluminium and magnesium, rather than just standard zinc. This produces a number of key benefits over zinc alone including exceptional surface quality, better corrosion protection and a more durable aesthetic. Crucially, it is also a lighter weight alternative to zinc which improves the organic coating application process and, once again, contributes to lower overall transport costs.

An ArcelorMittal spokesperson explained the focus on sustainability: “There’s probably never been greater urgency around the need to develop energy-efficient and low-carbon solutions for buildings. We take our role in that very seriously and this new generation of iQ+ panels is just the latest example of how hard we are working to respond.”

The new Ondatherm iQ+, Promisol iQ+ and Frigotherm iQ+ satisfy all of the key requirements for specifiers with a B,s1-d0 fire reaction rating and a choice of thicknesses from 80 – 200mm.

They also come with all the proven operational advantages of buying direct from ArcelorMittal Construction, which has its own integrated supply chain and production facilities across Europe. This includes a flexible product portfolio, short lead times, easy replacement of damaged panels and fast deliveries to site. 

The company says that these high performance, sustainable and airtight panels are unlocking the future of construction.