Quality Policy

The Quality Management System of ArcelorMittal Construction Portugal acts as one of the fundamental pillars for the improvement of performance and the creation of innovative solutions that allow us to provide products and services that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of all stakeholders. From the top management to the base of the company hierarchy, all employees are involved in the implementation of a culture of Quality at Customer service.

The Company, its Quality Policy and its Employees are guided and mobilized, without reservations, in the guarantee of a continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in order to:

  1. Exceed the expectations of our customers through a service of excellence to ensure their satisfaction, loyalty and full compliance with their requirements
  2. Maintain a Quality Management System according to the NP EN ISO 9001 standard that ensures compliance with all applicable legal requirements including legislation and regulations of the sector in which we operate.

Through the Quality Policy, we commit ourselves to:

  1. Continuously evaluate and promote customer satisfaction
  2. Establish a relationship of trust with all business partners, always oriented to customer satisfaction, ensuring the excellent treatment that differentiates us
  3. Continuously improve our processes in order to have an efficient and effective management
  4. Develop the valorisation of all company employees in order to stimulate initiatives and motivate them
  5. Provide adequate training to all the company's collaborators in order to develop their skills and enrich their knowledge for an efficient performance
  6. Monitor and evaluate the Quality objectives in order to improve the organization's performance.

Health & Safety Policy

Our commitment to the Health and Safety of all employees, within their professional and personal activity, is a clear component of our brand promise of "transforming tomorrow".
We follow the following principles that guide our actions:

  1. All injuries and occupational diseases can and should be prevented
  2. The Management is responsible for the success and performance of Health and Safety
  3. Communication, commitment, participation, consultation and professional training are essential elements to achieve excellence in Health and Safety
  4. Everyone has a role to play in the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses
  5. Excellence in Health and Safety is an essential requirement to achieve results in our activity.
  6. Health and Safety must be integrated in all processes of our activity.
  7. We ensure an appropriate management of our products, throughout their life cycle, with the aim of eliminating their impact on the environment and the health of our customers and end-users.

We will work with determination to achieve our goal: ZERO accidents and injuries. To achieve this - through our Safety Management System including the principle of continuous improvement - we are committed to:

  1. Identify, assess, eliminate dangers and reduce risks affecting Health and Safety in order to ensure adequate control of hazards.
  2. Establish an effective policy for the prevention of all occupational accidents and diseases.
  3. Foster a culture that promotes Safety and Health with visible Leadership and a clear responsibility
  4. Give everyone effective training so that we can work with Security
  5. To involve workers in the safety management system, promoting their participation and consultation.
  6. Investigate all accidents to prevent them from happening again.
  7.  Provide safe and Healthy working conditions. Implement the culture "all work is stopped if it is not safe".
  8. Define measurable objectives to monitor progress through regular audits and reporting
  9. Comply fully with all legal, regulatory and normative requirements and other applicable, achieve or exceed expectations, wherever in the world we are working
  10. Regularly update and test procedures for emergency situations

ArcelorMittal Construction Portugal is committed to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Quality and Safety Management System
The success of this policy requires the involvement and commitment of all those who work with us.