Haircol 59S

Haircol 59S is the most popular composite floor in Portugal. With its trapezoidal shape, the profile can be transported and stored more efficiently. This solution allows to overcome spans up to 4.00m and significantly reduce the total weight of the slab when compared to traditional prefabricated concrete solutions.

  • Maximum span without props up to 4,00m, and 5,00m with use of temporary props
  • Approximately 30% reduction in total weight when compared to a pre-cast concrete slab
  • Useful width of 820mm to ensure simple and quick installation
  • Reduction of support structure costs due to this flooring solution
  • It's possible to use it as a lost shuttering
  • Profiles can easily be stacked to an effective transport and storage in the yard
  • S320GD steel class
  • Steel is protected with a Z275 (or equivalent) or Z225 (or equivalent) lacquer, consult us
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